Get Rid of Nagging Back Pain Once and For All Part 1

It makes me crazy when I see a 30-year-old complain about back pain (and I see people complaining from 19-99) and blame it on getting older! It makes me crazy when I watch people, adults and kids, sit with forward heads and slumped shoulders then complain that their back hurts and talk about going to the Doctor. Ugh!

Here are three common mistakes that people make when trying to alleviate back pain.

#1 Taking Short cuts that make things worse

According to the CDC 82 Million Americans, 23% of us have taken the time to visit a Doctor for back pain in the last 3 months! 46 Million Americans, 14% or us have been prescribed addicting Opiates because of back pain. The institute of Medicine estimates that the economic impact is between $45 billion and $54 billion. But why find a Functional Fitness routine that takes a few minutes a day when we can just take a day off of work, parade ourselves to a Doctor and pop of few pills. What’s your choice?

#2 Choosing a Program is a bad Fit

While it is important; I’d even go as far as saying essential to exercise, we must choose a program that fits our body. It’s easy to get carried away with pictures of young beautiful bodies. But it is important to remember that choosing the right program and being consistent yet gradual is the key. For example, someone with tight chest muscles may not want to start with a program heavy on push-ups. That could actually wreck their shoulders and back. But if they first took care of their tight chest and weak back muscles first, then they could be a champ at push-ups. At Functional Fitness Guru, we make sure our clients prepare their bodies so they a

re successful in achieving their goals

#3 People are Overwhelmed and Confused

HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Weight Training….” How the heck do I choose the right program for me”? This is a question I hear all time. And the answer is ALWAYS the same. The answer is, IT DEPENDS. Just like we have unique finger prints, we have unique movement needs. That is why at Functional Fitness Guru, we do a comprehensive movement analysis. Then we help you make sense out of the noise.

Stay tuned for more blogs posts or ask about our upcoming webinar. At the webinar you will learn the five things that are essential to know to alleviate back pain so you can feel strong and do all the things you love to do AND 3 tests to find the true source of your back pain.

Here’s to being Younger next year.