Breaking News on Weight Training and Heart Health

Weight training for heart health


Lifting weights appears to help fight off heart disease?

In fact, it might be just as important as getting cardio exercise.

A study in the Journal: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that working out with weights for about an hour a week, broken up into one to three sessions, can cut the risk of heart attack or stroke by up to 70%!

That’s even for people who didn’t get any “aerobic” -- cardio -- exercise. The study followed more than 12,500 people for almost 20 years.

Working out longer or more often didn’t appear to add to the health benefits, according to this study.

The scientists believe resistance training helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease because it improves your body composition (leading to less fat and more muscle) and also cuts the risk of developing high cholesterol.

The takeaway? Not only can resistance training help create lean and shapely bodies, it’s important for heart health!

Want to start but don’t know what to do? Comment below with questions, suggestions and favorite weight exercises.

Here’s the link if you want to check out the study abstract:

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