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"Functional Fitness Guru has  been extremely helpful in helping me achieve my fitness goals.  I noticed the difference in my weight and endurance in a short time after starting.  The online program really made a difference to me with my busy schedule.  And it was personalized for my needs, which I loved.  Thank you Marilyn!" 

     Karen M.



Goals, highly personalized fitness and nutrition plans and support every step of the way will turn your dreams into your reality. Our Fitness plans were designed by Masters Level world renowned ACSM and NASM  trainers.  Our Nutrition plan  is based on one of the most advanced program out there.   Our motivational support is non stop. We are there for you on every step of your journey.

"I have been training with Marilyn at Functional Fitness Guru for several years.  She personalizes each workout to my needs and diligently adjusts exercises as needed to achieve the desired goals!  She even helped me with my rehabilitation after I experienced a sports related injury.  I fully recommend her whether you're a beginner or someone who is experienced in fitness and wantts help moving to the next level!"
     Chad D.

"Marilyn is a true fitness professional. I told her my goals and she created a program that was perfect for my initial fitness level.   After 3 months (18 sessions) I am leaner, stronger and ready to conquer my next fitness goa!"

     Carolyn A.

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