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Hey, I'm Marilyn and I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and this message is for anyone who wants to feel younger, alleviate aches and pains and achieve age defying results from home workouts that aren't boring 

I am here to help, free of charge for 30 days.  I call it my 30 day Home Workout Challenge!  It's an excellent opportunity to try out personal training via the internet. I provide the training program via my app which is super easy to follow.  I am also here to provide input and answer questions.

Why do I do this for free?  Because about 70% of those who join my 30 day challenge see the value of also getting help with diet counseling, accountability and coaching so they choose to hire me.  So it's a win-win with absolutely no commitment!

You Have Nothing to Lose and this FREE Program won't last forever.

what clients are saying 

Carolyn A.

"Functional Fitness Guru has  been extremely helpful in helping me achieve my fitness goals.  I noticed the difference in my weight and endurance in a short time after starting.  The online program really made a difference to me with my busy schedule.  And it was personalized for my needs, which I loved.  Thank you Marilyn!" 

Karen M.

"I have been training with Marilyn at Functional Fitness Guru for several years.  She personalizes each workout to my needs and diligently adjusts exercises as needed to achieve the desired goals!  She even helped me with my rehabilitation after I experienced a sports related injury.  I fully recommend her whether you're a beginner or someone who is experienced in fitness and wants help moving to the next level!"
Chad D.

Marilyn is an expert at what she does. She is extremely passionate about helping her clients and you can tell from the results that they get!

Steven Compagno Jr. (Trainer Coach)

How much better can this offer get? 

I'm not going to pay you to workout... 😁😁😁