It is our Mission for each client to live their dreams of a healthy, pain free and fit lifestyle.

From the Desk of the Director of Functional Fitness Guru

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Helping others achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle is my passion. I started off in the banking world but found myself being drawn to the fitness world mostly because I wanted to become fit and it did not come naturally to me. While still in the banking world, as a corporate executive, I earned AFFA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America) and ACE (American Council on Exercise) Fitness Instructor certifications. I then decide to go back to school to earn a Masters in Exercise Science. I found my true passion and thus excelled in the program graduating at the top of my class and was invited to teach an Exercise Science Lab at Florida International University and then to head the Fitness Program at the world renowned Pritiken Longevity Center. During that time, I practiced what I was learning and for the first time in my life, became really and truly fit and felt better and stronger than ever.

 I later moved to Tampa and started my own personal training,  boot camp  and corporate fitness company. I also continued my education and earned an ACSM (American College of Sport Medicine) Personal Trainer Certification, ACSM Exercise is Medicine Credential

and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Corrective Exercise Certification. While in Tampa, I was also honored to be featured on several television news and entertainment shows and in the Tampa Bay Tribune as one of Tampa Bay's premier fitness trainers.


I now live in Atlanta and have been married to my wonderful husband, Craig, for 23 years. We have two fabulous children, Andrew (22) and Sophie (20). We also have two dogs, Socks our feisty Yorkipoo and Weston our timid and a bit lazy Labradoodle. Craig and I modeled a healthy lifestyle for our children and I am excited to say that both are recreational athletes. Andrew plays football and basketball and Sophie plays volleyball and participates in track and field. I am so proud of them and am thrilled that their comfort foods include apples, carrots, humus and smoothies.

Upon relocating to Georgia, I began cyber training with my existing clients and developed a method in which I could still help them achieve their best future selves. I am thrilled to now be able to offer that same personalized experience to people all over the United States. I can help you achieve your individual goals, overcome stubborn obstacles and to help you find your best self!